FF:  Qual è il quadro della situazione internazionale dei circuiti in cui si muove la videoarte…


FF:  Qual è il quadro della situazione internazionale dei circuiti in cui si muove la videoarte oggi? 

AA: In Europa al momento il panorama più attivo e più interessante è senza dubbio quello tedesco, dove la videoarte ha spazi e considerazione maggiori.

In realtà c’è difficoltà per un videoartista europeo, rispetto ad un videoartista americano, ad entrare nei circuiti di diffusione.

Negli Stati…

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Zhang Hao



Zhang Hao was born in Tianjin in 1962, and graduated from the China Academy of Art (Hangzhou) in 1985, where he is now professor. His principle artistic project in the past three decades has been exploring the mysterious abyss dividing visual form and the written word, and in developing the artistic language of the spirit of ink.


“The tool of the ink brush has remained constant for the Chinese…

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Eduardo Arranz Bravo

How does the political and social evolution of a country influence an artist? If that is the question, then the career of Eduardo Arranz-Bravo might provide the answer. One of the most representative artists of his generation, Arranz-Bravo was born in Barcelona in 1941, and his work straddles the final years of Francisco Franco’s authoritarian regime, the early years of Spain’s transition to…

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Photo Shanghai opened its doors 4th September, welcoming VIPs from around the world to celebrate China’s first inaugural fine art fair dedicated to photography.


“Photography, art fairs and China are three of the most dynamic opportunities in the art world today,” says Montague-Sparey. Although photo collectors are not as common in China as collectors of painting, sculpture and other art…

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“Metamorphosis of the Virtual 5+5”

“Metamorphosis of the Virtual 5+5”

DIGITAL ART @ K11 Art Mall Shanghai


Conceived as a multi-sensorial experience – simultaneously physical, spiritual and emotional – Metamorphosis of the Virtual 5 + 5 showcases spectacular immersive and interactive installations. Curated to create new cultural dialoguesamong the artists and the community, this exhibition will encourage the audience to explore and ponder upon creativity in the…

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Daniel Lee & the MANIMAL kingdom

Daniel Lee & the MANIMAL kingdom

OCAT Shanghai


Beginning from stark portraits photographed with a high resolution digital camera, Daniel Lee submits his pictorial subjects to the digital wringer, provoking their unsettling metamorphosis into animal-like forms.

He went through different stages in fashion, people to still life collage. Since 1993, computer technology allowed him to combine his various drawing, photographic and…

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